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Tên công ty: Cozy Vietnam Travel
Người đại diện: Doan Hong Tien
Ngành nghề chính: Du lịch
Điện thoại: 02432115361
Địa chỉ: No 2, Lane 71, Phú Viên, Bồ Đề
Tỉnh/Thành phố: Hà Nội
Giới thiệu công ty
COZY VIETNAM TRAVEL - Established in beginning Oct 2018, Cozy Bay Cruise (9 cabins) and Cozy Bay Classic (11 cabins) proudly offer the newest premier Halong bay overnight cruise experiences in Halong Bay which combines the most modern and greatest comfort. Wishing to provide customers the best culinary and premium cruise experiences. We are proud to bring visitors the most exciting experiences in Halong Bay with many destination attractions such as : Visit Halong Bay Pearl Farm, Amazing Cave or Surprising Cave ( Sung Sot Cave ), swimming in Ti Top Beach or Kayaking in Halong Bay…
In all aspects, Cozy Bay Cruise – The best 3 star boutique cruise in Halong Bay seems to mirror the splendor and majesty of the surrounding scenery offered by the World Heritage Site, one of the New 7 Natural Wonders of the World. Cozy Bay Cruise and Cozy Bay Classic does not only offer a unique Halong bay overnight cruise experience, it also allows you to dream with your eyes wide open.
With Cozy Bay Cruise, you will not only enjoy the unforgettable journey, but also experience Vietnamese culture while on board as well as get a personal view of daily life on a pearl farm on unique cruise routes.
The Cozy Bay Cruise has 9 luxury Cabins, Cozy Bay Classic has 11 Cabins that created from graceful wooden furnishings and beautiful amenities. Our cabins are full of well equipped and have the very large windows with the panoramic bay view, offering you a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.
With our professional loyal and dedicated team, for sure will bring you the highlight part of your trip in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

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